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Construction Management Services

in New York & Connecticut

  • Design, manage and construct renovations and additions to client’s specifications
  • Work with client’s designers or provide design services
  • Large scale custom accessory buildings, indoor pools and stables
  • All aspects of landscaping
  • Custom millwork & decorative painting
  • Start to finish luxury custom home building

Premier Estate Management Services

in New York & Connecticut

  • In-depth customized daily or weekly property management and inspections with 24/7 availability
  • Full management of vendors, including scheduling, oversight, billing and follow-up.
  • HVAC systems maintenance with professional troubleshooting
  • Regulate domestic water systems and detect problems firsthand
  • In-home concierge service including but not limited to ordering groceries or household supplies
  • Complete supervision and coordination of on-site technicians
  • Experts in all areas of gas and oil home generators
  • Upkeep of household controls & integration systems
  • Seamless integration with household staff to understand needs and procedures
  • Review and coordinate vendor invoicing and provide bookkeeping services
  • All aspects of landscaping management and preservation
  • Moving and storage of high value artwork and furniture

Lighting Controls & Design Services

in New York & Connecticut

  • Create lighting scenes tailored to individual rooms or areas
  • Partners with Vantage Controls to provide custom keypads to the client’s wishes
  • In-house programming to regulate timed lights, custom dim levels and “All Off” buttons
  • Integration of AV systems to turn on and off with certain lights
  • Simple designs and programming makes for a comfortable feel when using

In-House Consulting Services

in New York & Connecticut

  • Research security trends to keep the client up-to- date with state-of-the-art security systems, tools and technologies
  • Recommend appropriate household appliances or mechanical systems
  • Home renovation essentials: assist with choosing the appropriate vendors, materials and assisting with design
  • Bid review consulting


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